Adolfo is a small publishing house. We are based in Barcelona and send publications around the world. Adolfo is also the name of our neighbor. We print and deliver every Friday.

ALL MY MOTHER'S HOLIDAY PHOTOGRAPHS is about photography and its different approaches. 724 pages, B&W; Offset Digital on recycled paper 90gsm, 11×17cm. An collation by Edu Martínez Piracés with images and texts by Rosa Piracés Atarés.

18€. Ship to Spain, Europe, world.

EIGHT DIN A2 HEIDELBERG KORD TEST PRINTS is about printing four colours as a continuous gradient. 32 pages, Offset on Cocoon 115gsm, 21×30cm. An exercise by Miquel Hervás Gómez at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, with Joos Wiersinga.

25€. Ship to Spain, Europe, world.

PROLET PEN is a about the words that remain unuttered. 24 pages, Riso on Cylcus 120gsm, 19×11cm. A plaquette by Lewie Magarshack.

5€. Ship to Spain, Europe, world.

THIS WAS FOREVER UNTIL NOW is about an eight month, worldwide, hitchhiking trip. 136 pages, full color Xerox on Munken 110gsm, 21×28cm. A project by Francesc Ruiz Abad. Prologue by Patricia Almarcegui.

40€. Ship to Spain, Europe, world.

MY HOUSE: BECOMING NEOCLASSIC is about how to turn a house neoclassical, and other topics. Riso on Cocoon 120gsm, 21×30cm. A convesation with Mark Ruffner and Mike Swaney.

12€. Ship to Spain, Europe, world.

20 AÑOS DE UNIÓN SOVIÉTICA is about Soviet Union and propaganda. 112 pages, B&W; on cream uncoated paper 80gsm, 13×20cm. A reissue with Oriol Ocaña.

10€. Ship to Spain, Europe, world.

ATELIER is about everyday life in a Paris banlieue workroom. 20 pages, full color Indigo on coated paper 130gsm, 21×30cm. A photographic journey by Geray Mena.

Out of print.

THE FUTURE THAT WAS IN THE PAST is about amateur techno music and processes of sharing. 60 minute cassette. A session by Kentaro Terajima. Artwork by Miquel Hervás Gómez.

8€. Ship to Spain, Europe, world.

OFF SCHOOL is about schools and neoliberalism. 52 pages, Riso on Munken 115gsm, 10×15cm A on-going project by Caterina Sbert.

5€. Ship to Spain, Europe, world.

BEIGE is about a early Ricardo Bofill's building and user changes. 20 pages, Riso on Pop'set 110gsm, 14×20cm + two sided full color poster. A research by Redenou, text by Oriol Ocaña and design by Fernando Galende.

Out of print.

SAND TECH is about the relation of nature and technology. B&W; poster on sand paper, 60×42cm. A project by Esther Miquel.

Out of print.

A PERFECT DAY IN ISRAEL is about miniature buildings in Israel. 16 pages, full color Xerox on coated paper 120gsm, 21×30cm. A project by Jöel Tettamanti.

8€. Ship to Spain, Europe, world.

PLANTS AS A DECORATION is about plants in museums. 12 pages, full color Xerox on Cylcus 250gsm, 10×30cm. A collaboration with Walker Art Center.

Out of print.

ALBA YRUELA FOTOGRAFÍA LAURA AMANDA/LAURA AMANDA ESCRIBE ALBA YRUELA is about pictures and words. 24 pages, Riso on Munken 115gsm, 21×30cm. A experiment with Alba Yruela and Laura Amanda.

8€. Ship to Spain, Europe, world.

UNTITLED (UNITY, SOLIDARITY, HARMONY) is a 17 copies publication about the values of the European Union. Made with Desisto and Do the Print during a Frans Masereel Centrum residency the publication is an experiment on 3 booklets printed with Risography, litography and serigraphy.

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